Gold Label Website

We designed and developed. anew bespoke website for Gold Label in the UK.

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The Brand

With a well established name within the industry and a rich history, Gold Label asked us to produce a new UK website to coincide with a refresh to their product line up. Designing the website to fit with their current branding was essential.


When arriving on site, users are presented with a snappy description of what Gold Label is all about and the option to progress through the menu or main call to action.

Better Together

Users can explore products through categories or see where they fit into the growing schedule. This gives them context on what each product offers as part of their end goal (to produce a healthy, high yield crop) and how much of each product they can expect to use.


Bespoke discoverable USPs let users discover each products main benefits. Size variant selectors show users what sizes each product is available in and let them see what each size looks like.

Find a Retailer

With postcode search, a map and device location options, users are free to explore local stockists however they like.

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