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Social Media Management Liverpool

At NPK Media, we are experts in leveraging social media to gain exposure for your business

The Importance of Social Media Management

Social media is the online shop-front to your company, brand and products.

If your shop front is untidy, hasn’t been updated for weeks or uses low quality imagery then it’s unlikely you will entice customers to see what you have on offer.

Social media management Liverpool

Posting content daily and using high quality video/images will give you the best chance of grabbing viewers attention and converting them to become one of your customers. This is the main purpose of social media management - taking care of your shop front in order to entice customers in.

Social media is important, providing you with the ability to reach current and new customers for free!

Social media management

Anyone with a phone and internet connection can start producing content for their business and although this isn’t surprising or revolutionary, it separates us from businesses 20 years ago who paid a lot of money to get their message in front of customers.

Leverage social media and spread the news about your business to as many people as possible!

Our Approach to Social Media Management

Our social media management services are end-user focused and client led.

As our client, you'll take the lead in specifying how you'd like your social media profiles to appear and feel to an end-user. With this information, we'll then focus on producing the engaging and creative content your end-users want to see.

Social media users

Each social media platform has its own unique audience and preferred type of content. We curate the content we create, to best suit each platform for maximum impact.

Why we should manage your social media accounts

Always changing, social media pages are dynamic platforms that are constantly evolving.

The goal of social media companies is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible, to sell adverts. Content must match what the current algorithm is intending to push in front of users, otherwise chances are it will not gain traction - social media companies don't want their users to exit their platform due to boring, unengaging and stale content.

Our goal with our social media management service from Liverpool is to make content that the social media algorithms want to push, getting you in front of as many people as possible and in turn getting more eyes on your brand, products or services.

Social media posts

An analogy of social media content and users

Slightly confused about how posting content on social media links end-users and businesses together? Here's an analogy which will hopefully help you to see and capitalise on the opportunity of posting content on social media.

Instagram management Liverpool

The mouse, cheese and cat analogy

Think about new social media platforms as a cave with the best cheeses. At first it’s only the mice with the keenest senses that spot it, then word travels about the cheese and it attracts more and more mice. Eventually the cats hear about the cave with all the mice and start to go to that cave. Eventually, the mice get scared and look for the next cave with the best cheese.

In this analogy, the mice are consumers of content (your target audience) and the cats are businesses like you and us (wanting to sell and promote content). Businesses want to go to where all the mice are, but eventually there’s too many cats, and not enough mice.

Morale: Always try to be the first cat to the cave for the maximum feast.

NPK Media puts our clients into the best caves with the most mice!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your businesses objectives and we'll assist you with our expert social media management from Liverpool.

Social Media & Marketing Glossary

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is the process of optimising the ranking and visibility of websites. SEO incorporates copy, performance and related content that can help improve scores.

Call to action (CTA)

A call-to-action can be from drawing text or buttons that encourage the user to interact and visit the landing page. Examples include "Download Now" on app websites.

Content marketing

Content marketing is creating content to engage customers. The content is usually valuable and made to influence people.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is managing positive interaction and communication to achieve optimal satisfaction and retention.

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