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10 Benefits of a Next.js website to business owners

Next.js is a web development framework that can provide you with a fast website which is SEO optimised, scalable, secure and accessible.

Having a website developed for your business using Next.js offers a range of benefits over more popular options such as WordPress.

In this article we explore 10 benefits you will get from a website developed with next.js.

The 10 benefits of a next.js website

1. Performance benefits:

Next.js includes various features which greatly improve the performance of a website, e.g. fast load times, fast page transitions and a highly responsive user interface. An increase in performance increases user engagement whilst also improving your Google rankings.

Another performance benefit of Next.js is the ability to handle complex UIs (user interfaces) - Built on top of React, Next.js will utilise the virtual DOM, and only update sections of the UI when there is an update. This leads to a smooth, lag-free website (if developed properly) compared to something like WordPress.

2. Improved SEO:

There are two features of Next.js which improve a websites SEO ranking; 1) A static output - Page data is compiled into lightweight HTML and served quickly to the browser. 2) Server rendered - Page data is fetched and rendered on the server before sending to the browser. Both of these methods mean that important data is available when the page is requested, meaning your content is easily visible to Google bots, leading to improved rankings.

3. Development efficiency:

On the developer side of things, Next.js makes the development process extremely efficient. This will result in less time required to be spent on having new features developed for your website. In turn this means as the website owner, you’ll spend less on updates, bug fixes and changes.

4. A future proofed website:

Next.js is continually evolving and improving. Having your website developed with Next.js will mean your business is always at the forefront of new technologies.

5. Lower hosting costs:

A traditional website, e.g. WordPress requires a server to be continually running to host the website. With Next.js, the website can be hosted on a serverless environment. I won’t get into the technicalities of serverless, but for you as a website owner, it means a much lower hosting cost that is also easily scalable for increased traffic.

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6. More secure:

As mentioned above, Next.js makes use of server-side rendering. This greatly improves the security of your data as it is far harder for any malicious code to be injected into your website. If developed with best practices, two common attack vectors; cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF), are greatly reduced with a Next.js website.

7. Better accessibility scores:

Having a website developed with Next.js will mean that you cater for a large range of people - those with disabilities such as poor vision will be able to use your website. Not only does this improve inclusivity, but Google will also provide a boost to your sites ranking if it is accessible.

8. Third party integration:

As a Next.js website is a custom-coded solution to having a website developed, it provides simple methods of integrating with 3rd party services. Say goodbye to WordPress plugin subscriptions :)

9. Dynamic website experience:

Again, as a Next.js website is custom-coded, the possibilities are endless when it comes to building a unique and dynamic website experience; Need an interactive 3D model in the page? No problem. Need a complicated multi-step/page form? No problem. Performance intensive requirements are a breeze when using Next.js.

10. Increased sales / conversions:

Due to the performance and accessibility of Next.js websites, you’re likely to see a much better conversion rate than when using an alternative such as WordPress. In turn, this will increase your sales and revenue.

Next.js is a powerful web development framework that provides you as a business owner with a range of benefits;

High performance, security, improved SEO and increased sales/conversions are a few of the main points which you can take advantage of if having a website developed with Next.js.

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