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7 Reasons why a website may not be generating leads or sales

Struggling to obtain leads and sales through your website?

There are a number of problems which could be the cause of your website not generating leads or sales.

In this article we explore 7 reasons why your website may not be generating leads or sales.

The possible reasons for a website not generating leads or sales

You may be a new startup or an established business with a new website or have spent a lot of time designing your own website only to be asking yourself;

Why is my website not generating leads or sales?

It can be frustrating to say the least after investing time and money into design, ads and marketing, only to find that all the traffic you are generating is bouncing (exiting without completing your desired action).

While the points below may not be the root cause of your users bouncing and being the reason of your website not generating leads or sales, they are good starting points in diagnosing the issue.

The 7 possible points of why your website is not generating leads or sales

Below we explore 7 possible causes of a website not generating leads or sales.

1. The design of your website

2. Call to actions

3. Testimonials and reviews

4. Off-site marketing

5. The UX of your website

6. Mobile responsiveness

7. Value propositions

1. The design of your website

Users of your website make up their mind in less than 1 second when the website has loaded.

If the design of your site is poor and does not communicate exactly what your company does or has to offer, users are highly likely to bounce and not return.

Without a well designed website, it may be difficult for users to completely understand the benefits to your products or services which you are offering - if this is the case, users will likely choose a different company or product that does convey their product/service benefits effectively.

By having a website designed and developed or redesigned by our web development team, we'll ensure that your website has a modern and intuitive design that informs users of your value proposition effectively.

2. Call to actions

Users of your website need to be guided to perform the actions you want them to take.

A website which is lacking in prominent CTA (call-to-actions) will fail to provide users a clear pathway of how to complete a certain action, e.g. Contacting you, purchasing a product or signing up to a newsletter.

Another point to note with CTAs is that there should be sufficient CTAs placed on each page - one small CTA at the top of the page is likely to be missed by users when they scroll down the page.

Our website design team is knowledgeable in the optimal placement and design of CTAs to ensure they stand out and grab users attention, in order to gather important leads or sales.

3. Testimonials and reviews

When users browse your website for a product or service, it is likely that they're looking at and comparing you with other companies and services elsewhere at the same time.

For this reason, it is highly important that your website includes reviews and testimonials - these are known as "trust signals". A website missing trust signals

Another trust signal is not design related, however is related to the code and infrastructure side of the website. It is important that your website includes strict HTTPS policies, does not expose user credentials and if it processes financial transactions, should also be PCI compliant.

Without trust signals, users may be sceptical of your company if there is no evidence backing up your claims from other past customers.

When our web team build websites, we develop the site with modern techniques, ensuring that your site is as secure as possible and shows all necessary trust signals that customers look out for.

4. Off-site marketing

In some cases, businesses may be sending hundreds, even thousands of users to their website through paid marketing and seeing no leads or sales.

Usually in these circumstances, it is due to an incorrect marketing funnel setup - the company is likely to be sending the wrong users to their website.

e.g. A website selling football boots should only target people who play football. If they are sending non-football players to the site, obviously, they will not even be considering purchasing a pair of boots.

Our marketing service can cater toward paid and organic traffic generation to your website, to ensure that the correct users are being sent to your website.

5. The UX of your website

User experience of a website is another important factor to consider if your website is not generating leads or sales.

A website which is not optimised for a smooth and intuitive user experience will put users off and cause frustration. Examples of this can be poor website loading times, a cluttered and confusing page layout or broken links.

Ensuring your website has an optimised UX will lead to users staying on your site for longer and in turn making sales and leads far more likely.

During both the design and development stages of your website, our team will ensure that the website is organised and has an intuitive design along with an exceptionally fast load time.

6. Mobile responsiveness

A large proportion of website visitors are browsing your site on mobile devices.

If your website is not designed with a mobile-first approach, or performs poorly on mobile (elements overflowing off the screen, slow load times etc), then you are greatly impacting the potential sales and leads generated from your website.

Whilst designing websites, our web design team will conduct a mobile first approach, as will our development team during the coding stages. This will ensure that your site performs well on mobile devices, again leading to an increased likelihood of more leads and sales from your website.

7. Value propositions

Websites without a unique and informative value proposition will fail to produce leads and sales.

Your website should clearly state the value your products or services will provide the potential customers, highlighting why your offering is better than your competitors.

Examples of value propositions could be the cost savings, performance increases, ease of use etc compared to your competitors.

During the design stages of your website, we'll ensure that any copy added to your website clearly states your businesses value proposition to make it more likely that users of your site take a desired action, be it a purchase or contacting you.


We hope that you've gained a few insights into the possible causes of having no leads or sales come through your website.

If you're interested in getting to the root cause of your website lead generation problems, we provide a complete website audit to uncover any issues and can provide you with pointers for rectifying said issues.

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