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BeReal: Hate social media? This is the app for you!

Instagram is boring, TikTok is too busy and is anyone still on facebook?

It feels like every social media platform is over polluted with influencer wannabes.

For those who like a stripped back approach to posting images this is where Be Real has covered.

No more filters and brand deals. BeReal, was created by Alexis Barreyat in 2020- Alexis describes the app as having unprecedented levels of engagement. ‘It's the closest to reality a social app can get’.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.
Each user is notified randomly throughout the day to post a selfie of themselves and their surroundings. What happens if you miss the notification? Not to worry! You will be able to post late, but your post will be time stamped with how long it took you to post. The reason behind this was to create authenticity. We want to see what you are doing at the moment. Don’t wait to put makeup on or to make it ‘appear you actually have a social life’. Be you. If you're asleep at 2pm POST THAT PICTURE!

Make the internet great again

BeReal gives users the opportunity to not over think what they post. Social media is for communication and for seeing what everyone is up to. The app is full of photo dumps, which collates into random snapshots and a log keeping up with friends. It’s uncontrollable, stripped back and no BS is allowed.

Monetisation? Never heard of her!

Let’s live in the moment but on our phones. Far too often we see posed models promoting skinny tea. With Be Real, you are looking to be an influencer best to stick with what you know. BeReal can’t be monetized, meaning no brand deals, no collabs and no story swipe ups!

Besties from all over the world

First made popular in France, Spain and now globally! You can see on the discovery page who has posted and have a peak around the world what everyone is up to. For those in long distance relationships, friends in different countries or even to just entertain acquaintances.

Remember — it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real

This is the first social media app to display real life just as it is. No ads, no influencers … just you and your best friends being your truest selves. BeReal is a chance to be honest online once again.

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Download available for IOS and Android.

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