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Liverpool Welcomes Eurovision: A Celebration of Togetherness

Today, we're excited to share with you a beautiful moment where these qualities shine brightly – the arrival of Eurovision to our beloved city of Liverpool.

Eurovision in Liverpool

As a leading Liverpool media agency, we at NPK Media are proud to be part of a city constantly pulsing with creativity, dynamism, and a sense of togetherness. Today, we're excited to share with you a beautiful moment where these qualities shine brightly – the arrival of Eurovision to our beloved city of Liverpool.

Why is Eurovision so important?

Eurovision, the iconic song contest that has showcased the cultural diversity of Europe for over six decades, has come to Liverpool. This prestigious event is a testament to the city's artistic and creative hotspot growth. In its wake, inspiration has swept through our community of Liverpool videographers, musicians, poets, and artists. Among the voices echoing this excitement is Joseph Roberts, a young, vibrant spoken word poet from Liverpool. With his impassioned verses, Joseph has crafted a beautiful poem that captures the spirit of Eurovision and the unique essence of Liverpool. His words are a testament to the city's resilience, rich history, and the bright spark of hope Eurovision represents. Joseph speaking about his creation, shared this with us;

"I wrote this piece because I felt it was my duty, as a poet from Liverpool, to capture the city during this incredible celebration in just a few words. The poem shows our city in many shades of light throughout history, with Eurovision as a spark of hope for the world. We have the honour of hosting a melting pot full of cultures and voices and the job of paying homage to Ukraine. I am proud of my voice, my city, and my heritage. Eurovision is a time for people to come together and recognise our origins. This poem is a key, and it's time to unlock our voice boxes and be united by music."

As a top-tier Liverpool media agency, NPK Media worked with Joseph to bring his spoken word poetry to life through a unique Eurovision video. Our talented Liverpool videographers worked tirelessly to capture the energy, emotion, and rhythm of Roberts's performance, creating a compelling visual narrative that complements the poem and adds a new dimension.

We at NPK Media believe in the power of stories and the impact of visual narratives. As a leading Liverpool media agency, we have always sought to create work that resonates, inspires, and connects. This collaboration with Joseph Roberts is a clear embodiment of that commitment. As Eurovision brings its cascade of cultures and voices to Liverpool, we stand ready to capture every moment, every performance, and every vibrant display of diversity. Together with the rest of the city's creatives, we're eager to show the world what Liverpool truly is – a city of unity, diversity, resilience, and culture.

About Joseph Roberts
Joseph Roberts's poem and our subsequent Eurovision video are a beautiful beginning to this journey. So let's unlock our voice boxes, celebrate our city, and welcome Eurovision with open arms and hearts. Let's remember, in the words of Roberts, "This poem is a key" to our shared heritage, pride, and hope for a world united by music. To all the Eurovision fans, our fellow creatives, and our beloved city, we say: Liverpool welcomes you. Let's celebrate our unity through music, honour our diverse cultures and voices, and continue to tell our stories with passion and authenticity.


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This is Eurovision

Joseph Roberts spoken word about Eurovision in Liverpool