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Happy new year from NPK Media

Happy New Year! Who else is feeling a little groggy after the long break? At NPK Media, we have so many plans set up to ensure 2022 is our year!

A 2021 Recap

Last year, we premiered our documentary “ The Golden Lines”. The premiere reception was filled with positive praise from viewers, which sparked some plans for our team to create insightful and touching films in the new year. The premiere reception was filled with positive praise from viewers, which sparked some plans for our company.

Our team faced the challenge of making this documentary head on and we welcome more challenges that push our creative abilities.

So how do NPK plan to change the view for 2022? Here are a few resolutions we plan to stick to help grow and make our client’s businesses thrive.

Dedicated time to learning

Our team of 10 with a combined 75 years of experience, have a mixed bag of creative talents already, which is why we have challenged them to take on a new skill in their field they have yet to master. We believe that with an industry that is always evolving it’s never too late to learn something new that can add to a member’s toolkit.

For example, our Marketing Manager has set up the task to learn more about Copyright by taking courses in her spare time. She has also recently joined female lead marketing groups to help uplift and learn more workshops from other young women in the marketing field.

LinkedIn activity

We have also invited our team members to interact on Linkedin with other workers in their field. We believe connecting with others has become crucial to establishing a relationship with fellow creatives and influencing other workers. 

Linkedin is a platform that allows working individuals to share exciting news in their field, express their opinions on upcoming projects or to even network with potential clients.

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New Year, New me!

We are proud to be announcing new opportunities are on the rise and we will be using our platforms to welcome independent businesses we believe deserve more recognition.

We want to help kickstart their 2022 which is why we will be delivering £10K worth of work to help them promote themselves and boost their business. The competition will run for 2 weeks from 17th Jan - 17th February.

For more information follow us on Instagram @npk_media for more information about our competition.

Changing the view one day at a time

2022 will be the year where we change the view as a media agency by educating the masses, providing engaging and thought provoking content and giving back to a community.

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