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British-born CBD manufacturer and skincare line. CannaPro-certified business, meaning the brand has been reviewed & is continuously monitored for our products, trading standards, marketing and conduct.

The Problem

The content lacked direction and any influence of an audience was lost as the content didn’t show the products in a real format.

The Solution

To demonstrate how leading through skincare and well-being can emulate a way of living. Spreading knowledge about CBD products and factual information for each product in the range.

Content creation

We wanted to understand some of the misconceptions and how consumers understand the use of CBD and its benefits for their well-being.

We found non-consumers weren’t aware of the various options and the correct forms of use. We had a form sent to customers of Leaf line and they found they didn’t know about the properties of Isolate, whole plant and Broad spectrum that feature different components of the plant.

So we created content that featured what type of CBD was in which product following the process from the lab to the final product.

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