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Green Gold E-Learning Platform

Green Gold, a company dedicated to educating individuals on cultivating various types of plants indoors, sought our services to create a modern and intuitive e-learning platform.

The Problem

Green Gold wanted to create an interactive platform to host educational video content.

They required a custom-designed, user-friendly interface for learners and a functional admin dashboard for content management.

Additionally, they sought secure user authentication, efficient streaming capabilities, and scalable infrastructure to accommodate growing user numbers.

The Solution

We designed and developed a completely bespoke e-learning platform, incorporating custom designs for both the user interface and the admin dashboard.

The application was built using Next.js and TypeScript, and hosted on AWS for reliable, scalable infrastructure.

Cloudflare was used for enhanced security and performance. The platform features everything from user authentication to bespoke streaming capabilities, developed entirely in-house.


The project involved several significant challenges, including developing a secure user authentication system, and ensuring the scalability of the platform to handle an increasing number of users.


Utilising our expertise in bespoke web application development, we developed the site with various custom built service, along with Cloudflare hosted video content to ensure a smooth delivery of video content. We also implemented a bespoke and secure user authentication system to protect user data and privacy.

For scalability, we utilized AWS' cloud services to ensure that the platform could efficiently handle an increasing number of users.


Green Gold is still in it's early startup phase, however is seeing an in user registrations, demonstrating its appeal and functionality.

Feedback on the bespoke design and user interface have all been positive.

Future Plans

We will continue to monitor the platform's performance, user engagement, and scalability, making necessary adjustments based on user feedback and our own observations. We also plan to continue working with Green Gold to introduce new features and enhancements to further improve user experience and engagement.

This project showcased our expertise in delivering complex, bespoke web applications.

We look forward to supporting Green Gold's digital journey as they continue to grow.

You can view the Green Gold website here.