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Megasleepers Website Project

As a company that provides luxury travel services to an international customer-base, Megasleepers required an revamp to their website.

The Problem

The previous website had a design which was fairly outdated and the team at Megasleepers were aiming to improve their website's organic reach.

The Solution

The new website has been optimized for generating more organic traffic and inquiries by incorporating on-site SEO and a more sleek and appealing design. Built with Next.js and TypeScript, the site is capable of delivering high-performance and efficient user experience, which is paramount in the travel industry where swift and seamless interactions can translate into conversions.


There were two primary challenges involved in this project:

The first was to create a seamless, premium user experience that echoed the luxury travel services provided by Megasleepers, while ensuring the site remained performant and responsive.

Second was to ensure that the website design remained appealing for all users device types.


We met the challenges by utilising the performance of Next.js and the type safety of TypeScript to produce a sleek, fast and reliable website.

The page speed report speaks for itself.

To ensure an appealing user experience across various devices, we adopted a mobile-first design approach.

This ensured that the website was fully responsive and provided an excellent user experience for users on mobile devices.

User Experience Design

Our design team crafted an intuitive, easy-to-use layout that is visually appealing and provided a straightforward booking process.

High-quality images and videos were used throughout the site, providing visitors a glimpse of the luxury travel experience that Megasleepers offer.

Content and SEO

Keyword-rich, unique content was created for each page. We ensured the use of relevant keywords in the correct places to improve organic reach. Alongside this, we also optimized the site's meta tags, URLs, and images for SEO, ensuring improved visibility in search engine results.


Since the launch of the new website, Megasleepers has seen a gradual and steady increase in organic search rankings.

Future Plans

Moving forward, we will continue to monitor site performance, user engagement, and SEO rankings, making necessary adjustments to keep up with user preferences and market trends.

This project demonstrated our ability to deliver successful end products. The Megasleepers website revamp project not only improved the online presence of the brand but will also contribute to its bottom-line growth. We look forward to supporting Megasleepers in their ongoing digital journey.

View the Megasleepers website here.