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Redesign and development of the Nutriculture website

The Problem

The Nutriculture website was outdated and compromised of three different branded domains, which was proving difficult to manage.

The Solution

We provided a modern, exceptionally fast website which included individual branded pages, which allowed for a multi-site type of website all on one domain.

Perfect website speed score

As a large ecommerce/brochure type website, ensuring a smooth user experience was of upmost importance.

Our web development team utilised various methods of loading data into the website, achieving perfect GTMetrix page speed scores:

Optimised for SEO

Another highly important part to consider during the re-development of an already established brand is SEO.

The website was designed with this in mind - all important on-page SEO aspects were covered, along with improving the heirarchy of the sites structure to provide users (and Google) with a logical flow.

Predictive search integration

We integrated Algolia search into the website. This provides users of the website with the ability to search the entire contents of the website - Algolia is a powerful search API which can predict what the user is searching for, even if they've typed the search query incorrectly!

Algolia Search API integration

Locale specific language integration

As the Nutriculture brand supplies companies across Europe, we developed the site with a simple to use i18n international language selection. The site also auto-detects the users location and will automatically switch languages on-load.

i18n language selection image

Internal Branded Pages

In order to display featured brands within the site, we didn't want to confuse users of whether they were on the brand-specific site or the Nutriculture site itself - in order to address this, if browsing individual branded pages, the icon lights up in the header and is greyed out when navigating to a different page:

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