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Pimp Gin eCommerce Website Project

As a new startup, Pimp Gin sought to establish an online presence for the sale of their unique luxury gin product. Our task was to create an appealing eCommerce website to entice potential customers and facilitate a seamless purchase process.

The Problem

Pimp Gin needed a website that reflected their high-end product and resonated with their target market.

They required a website that not only displayed the gin appealingly, but also required a smooth and hassle-free checkout process.

The Solution

We designed and developed a unique, interactive eCommerce website for Pimp Gin, featuring a 3D model of their gin bottle, which users could rotate and move around for a closer look at the product.

The site was complemented by high-quality imagery and vibrant branding colours throughout.


We took it in our stride to deliver a captivating, engaging user experience for a single-product eCommerce site.

Building on our expertise, we also developed a custom Stripe checkout process, seamlessly integrating it with a separate database for real-time stock management.

This ensured a smooth and reliable purchasing experience for customers while providing effective inventory control for the business.


We designed a rotating, movable 3D model of the gin bottle, which really made the site unique. This created an immersive user experience that successfully engaged customers.

For the checkout process, we integrated a custom Stripe payment gateway to provide a seamless and secure transaction process. With the stock management database, when the stock levels were low, a warning will display to the users, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging immediate purchases.


Following the launch of the new website, Pimp Gin experienced a significant increase in sales and positive customer feedback.

The style and interactive 3D model was well-received by end users, who have been leaving positive feedback on Pimp Gin's social media posts.

Future Plans

We plan to continue monitoring the site's performance and user engagement to ensure the shopping experience remains optimal.

We will continue to update the 3D model and other visual elements as the product packaging evolves.

This project showcased our ability to create a unique and engaging user experience for a single-product eCommerce site.

The Pimp Gin website project has successfully established their online presence and contributed to their business growth. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Pimp Gin in their digital journey.

View the Pimp Gin website here.