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Benefits of hiring an agency Vs using a website builder

Website builders such as Elementor may seem like a fast and cost-effective solution, however hiring an agency offers various benefits to your business.

In this article we explore why hiring an agency to build your website has advantages over using a website builder.

What are the benefits of hiring an agency to design and develop your website?

When building a website for your business, there are a few options available.

A common choice when starting out is to use a website builder such as Elementor (WordPress) due to the low cost and speed in which you can go from nothing to a live website.

However you should not overlook the numerous benefits of having an agency design and develop your website.

Below are a few key benefits of hiring an agency which will ensure that your website is built for success.

Customization and Flexibility

With website builders, you are limited to the design options available, which may not provide the level of flexibility to showcase your business well. An agency has the ability to provide you with a website which is completely unique and reflects your brand and ideals.

Having a website built by an agency provides pretty much unlimited flexibility which builders cannot. With a custom built website, any functionality or feature is possible, meaning a more tailored solution for your requirements.

With the limited flexibility and customisation available with a website builder, you're likely to end up with a sub-par website which does not accurately represent your company.

In-house specialists

Agencies have specialist in-house designers working in tandem with developers to provide aesthetic and highly performant websites.

With a website builder, you will not be able to achieve the same level of user-experience and technical performance that experts in the field can.

Having your website by an agency, you can rest assured that your website will impress your customers, both visually and performance-wise, assisting you to stand out online. We have an in-depth article exploring the differences of WordPress vs React vs Next.js, you should check it out to gain a better understanding.

SEO and marketing

During the development of your website, an agency will incorporate their expertise in SEO into the structure of the site.

Website builders usually don't have these SEO capabilities, meaning you'll need yet another plugin installed on your website. Also, if SEO is implemented incorrectly, you can seriously hurt your websites' ability to rank well.

Agencies usually also have in-house marketers. By working with the design and development teams, your site can incorporate specialist landing pages which integrate into a marketing strategy. Obviously, website builders will not have this functionality built in.

Advanced functionality

Website builders usually do not include anything more than the ability to design layouts of pages and blogs.

Requiring e-commerce functionality with a page builder plugin? You'll need another plugin to handle that. Need the ability to allow users to register an account? Another plugin. Need to integrate 2-factor authentication? Another plugin.. you get the point.

By utilising a web design agency, the possibilities are endless with regards to what you can achieve, with no plugins or extra code-bloat required, leading to a performant, highly scalable and unique experience.

Growth and scalability

A website built by an agency will provide the advantage of simple scalability which can accommodate for large increases in traffic without causing speed issues or site crashes. This level of customisability and performance is not available with website builders, which can negatively impact your business and brand.

Agencies that utilise modern technologies such as Next.js to build your website, the ability to expand your website with new features, functionality and third-party integrations becomes seamless.

Again, this level of flexibility and customisation is not available with website builders.. unless you add on yet another plugin.

Security and support

With modern web frameworks, security becomes much less of a concern, meaning your website, customer data and other important information is safer. Aged technology such as WordPress with a page builder does come with more of a security risk.

If any issues do arise on your website built with a page builder, from security breaches to simple bugs, you're at the mercy of the plugin builders. With a professional web design agency, you'll usually receive ongoing support and maintenance.

When having your website built by an agency, you'll also be able to tap into their other technical expertise in relation to domains, hosting and servers etc, something which you'd have to search online for if using a page builder.

Takeaway points

Hiring an agency to design and develop your website provides a number of benefits compared to using a page builder;

  • Custom and advanced functionality
  • Professional design for optimised user experience
  • Higher data security and friendly, accessible technical support
  • Simpler scalability as your business grows

Basically, in order to maximise your potential for growth and success online, you should hire a professional agency that is experienced in modern technologies.

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