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The importance of a website for businesses

With a continually increasing number of people purchasing, booking and researching businesses online, having an optimised website is imperative for businesses, whether a small startup to large multinational corporation.

In this short article we explore a number of reasons why you need a website for your business.

A few statistics on why businesses should have a website

88% of users that search for a business on mobile will call or visit the business within 24 hours.

75% of users judge a businesses credibility based on the website.Businesses that use a website to connect and engage with customers generate 15-50% in added revenue.

57% of users won’t recommend a business if they have a poor website.

Disadvantages to businesses that have no website

  1. Without a website, businesses will struggle to reach a wide audience and build their customer base.
  2. Businesses that have no website are perceived as unprofessional.
  3. It will be difficult to learn about a businesses target market without a website.
  4. Businesses that have no website will receive far less leads and sales due to a high percentage of users searching businesses online to make informed decisions.

Advantages of having a website for your business

  1. A website will provide your business with a wide-reach to generate more leads.
  2. Businesses that have a modern website will be viewed as professional and more trustworthy.
  3. A website is an effective tool to leverage a low-cost marketing online.
  4. Having a website allows businesses to utilise the online avenue to increase sales by advertising their products and/or services.

Other points to note regarding the importance of a website to businesses

Design and user experience of your website

Simply having a website is cutting your potential gains short.

A high percentage of users will make assumptions about your business within the first 5 milliseconds of your website loading.

Along with this, if your website is slow to load or performs and functions poorly on mobile devices, users are highly unlikely to continue browsing your site (~80% will leave) - say goodbye to that user contacting you or making a purchase.

When having a website designed and developed, it is important you have it designed and built by professionals who understand the optimal layout and designs to maximise your potential leads and sales.

Content on your website

Nearly half of the users of your website will leave the site if they cannot clearly see a “contact us” button or other contact information.

This is also true for your business address and an “about us” page or section - if either of these are missing from your website, users will lose trust in your company.

Website performance

The majority of users on your website will never return if it performs poorly - Initial load times, navigating between pages and slow loading images all contribute to the users frustration.

At NPK Media, we utilise modern technologies such as Next.js when developing websites to ensure that your website is built to perform exceptionally well, across all device types.

You can read more about the benefits of having your website developed with Next.js here.

Key takeaway points of the importance of having a website for your business

  • You will reach a much wider audience.
  • Your business will benefit from increased leads and sales, online and by also generating more foot-traffic.
  • A website will assist you in building your brand and improving customer loyalty
  • A website is an effective marketing tool.
  • Your website should be optimised for both desktops/laptops and mobile devices.

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