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John Charles Website

A redesign and complete overhaul of Artist John Charles' website.

The Problem

The previous website was being used to sell artwork online and to promote John's upcoming artwork collection releases, however there were various issues with the sites user experience, design and general layouts.

The Solution

We provided a complete redesign and overhaul of the website, improving branding, load times and user experience.

Key achievements of the project

Engaging and modern UI

An effective and intuitive UI

Excellent load times

Built from the ground up, the site loads in ~0.5s

Shopify Integration

Providing a straight forward product management dashboard

Overview of the project


The previous website was built with a simple page builder service, which served it's purpose of allowing John to reach a worldwide audience to sell his artwork but was lacking in terms of an effective user experience and had an outdated design.

With the ability for free-reign on the design and layout of the new website, we produced an end product which we believe will serve well in improving Johns sales.

Content management

We integrated the new website with Storyblok, providing John and his marking team the ability to edit content, create new pages with custom components and add news items and stories behind Johns favourite art pieces, without having to request content changes from us code-side.

This is especially useful as John has fairly regular collection releases, which can now be promoted on the website to collect user details in order to notify them of the launch on the site.


The website was integrated with various marketing services, providing John and his team insights into the customers of the website and which content performs best.

The tech stack

Our website development team decided to utilise a headless approach to the build of the website. This included Next.js on the frontend with api routes using GraphQL handling all data transmission between the browser and the Shopify endpoint.

Benefitting from the static output of Next.js, the site is hydrated with data from Storyblok - a simple to use and powerful CMS.

The full list:

  • Next.js (Frontend)
  • Sass (Style modules per component)
  • GraphQL (API queries)
  • Storyblok (Content management)
  • Shopify (Product, stock & order management)
  • Sendgrid (Contact & sign up forms)

The end product

We're pleased with the feel of the new site. Want to take a look? Check out the website here.

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