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Website Design and Development for nano.10⁻⁹

A bespoke digital experience website and social media campaign for a new plant nutrient brand.

The Problem

Hydroponic growers want the best for their plants. Global Air Supplies produced a best in class nutrient to meet this demand but it was new and unheard of. G.A.S asked us to help launch the product into a crowded market as a front runner.

The Solution

We produced an exploratory website for growers to discover the product range, understand the pioneering science that goes into it and find where to buy it. We asked hydroponic retailers and their staff what resources would help them to sell the products, produced a series of resources and made them easily accessible via the nanonutrients website. We produced print ads, videos and 5 weeks worth of social media content to build anticipation and boost sales at launch.

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